Amina’s Testimonial

Bust 46/44/44
Waist 39/37/35
Hips 50/49/49
Right thigh 30/27/26
Left thigh 30/27/26
Right arm 16/15/14
Left arm 16/15/14
The first line is my statistics as at 3rd March 2021
The second line is my statistics as at today 13th March 2021
The 3rd line is my new statistics as at today 3/4/2021
Good morning the BADDEST COACH ❤️ I will forever remain grateful for the coaching and for also tolerating my inability to meeting up to your desired goals for me, though not a deliberate act, but due to reasons beyond my control. 
Your coaching actually changed my taste buds, made me to live a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly my portion control, is another key thing, which I adhere to, infact I had to get a 🥣 for it. 
Everyone around were like whaaaat???? You made it? Cos when you see the New me and the old me the difference is QUITE CLEAR!!!! 
I will send the pictures of the old me and the new me, all thanks to the BADDEST COACH ❤️ she remains a TREASURE to me, her VOICE NOTES 🎶 alone when I remember it, I will not hesitate to get on my feet 🐾 put on my trainers and get going!!!! 
The whole thing gave me a NEW ENERGY!!!
Makes me do the right thing at the right time!!! There’s a drastic CHANGE within my body system. 
Let me say this it might sound surprising, but is the truth, if I take anything outside the box 🎁 I automatically fall sick 😷 as in tummy upset everything. And if I eat more than I am suppose to consume double wahala for me. 
You see why I said the BADDEST COACH ❤️ is a TREASURE I can’t do away with!!!!
And finally I want to say a big thank you to Nikkyyyyyyy ❤️ Akwaugo ❤️ Angel 😇 in human form, God bless you richly, she made sure I participated in the second class, I love you so so much, I can’t trade you for ANYTHING ❤️❤️❤️ – Amina


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