Dee’s Testimonial

” Dear Coach, just wanted to thank  you during these 20 days on your gold program. I came in not knowing what to expect… but having failed woefully in weight loss in the past, i thought I’d give this a shot. Little did I know it was an answer to my prayer until I started seeing the weight shifting. You have taught us how to go about losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle! Immediately, you got us to work by making us MOVE. Coming from 12,000 steps a week to averaging 12,000 daily, is a testament to the serious program one is under. Your no-nonsense approach, teachings, and constant check-ins keep me in check. There is so much I didn’t know about diet and exercise before now. More so, your holistic approach to weight loss – knowing your why, body, soul and spirit is great. I can go on and on.. but having been overweight since age 11 and now age 50, this is the program I need. You have taught us portion control, consistent exercise, focus and grit. With God’s help and grace, I plan to stick it through to a new ME.

Thanks again! 🙏🏾” -Dee


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